Yes, punk rock fans rejoice! It’s that time of year again, where the annual Riot Fest lineup in Chicago, Illinois gets announced! For those who live in the midwest or those who like to travel to the event, it’s always a fun time to look throughout the lineup and gander at the best bands to look forward to.

So far, they’ve only announced three days of the lineup, as around 25-plus have yet to be announced for the festival spanning from September 15-17th.

Here’s my list of the top five bands you should look forward to!

5. State Champs

For State Champs, playing at Riot Fest is going to be huge! With their deluxe release of Around The World and Back coming May 5th, fans will find it to be even better to hear them live, as there will be some new tunes to be played in front of a huge crowd.

Not to mention, they rock out hard on stage. Definitely a must see.

4. Knuckle Puck

As a newer punk rock band that took the airwaves by storm a few years ago, Knuckle Puck is going to draw mad crowds at Riot Fest. With relatable lyrics and a large fanbase, expect little to no empty seats when they’re playing. When they go live, they play their hearts out in every song. Not to mention, they have some kick ass songs like “Evergreen”, “Pretense”, and “No Good”.

3. A Day To Remember

ADTR is probably the best punk band at Riot Fest, making it an even better concert lineup. Not to mention, they’re probably the only band to cause a riot at the fest. Who doesn’t like heavy drums, heavy guitars, and a bit of screamo that you can bob your head to? If the next two bands weren’t in this lineup, they would easily be the first selection.

2. Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday is always a go-to move at any concert venue. Whether they’re the headline or not, listening to them live always brings back that middle-schoolish self and rushes in a ton of fun memories. “Cute without the E” is by far one of the best songs they play live, but listening to their newer music is also a great treat. If you’re heading to Riot Fest, get from row seats. They’re the bomb.

1. Paramore

Finally, how could you not want to see Paramore live? Whether or not you’re skeptical of their new song, “Hard Times”, they are still a pretty sweet band to listen to. With hits such as “Aint It Fun”, “Still Into You”, and “Misery Business”, you can’t pass up seeing them. They’re the most popular band at the event, so you better buy your tickets soon!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Riot Fest?