With a strong opening, THE SOCIAL blew me away from the moment they took the stage. New York crowds may be some of the most iconic, but they are also some of the hardest to win over. For THE SOCIAL, however, it seemed to be no problem. Almost immediately, the audience became engaged and energized.

Even more special, the fans knew the lyrics right away– often something unusual for an opening act. On this tour, THE SOCIAL was touring with Spencer Sutherland. The three-part band comprised of Keaton Stromberg (vocals), Alexander Rosca (drums), and Tommy Harrock (guitar) took the time to talk with me about what all this means to them.

Alexander Rosca on drums via Ali Fitzgerald (@alfitzpics, Instagram)

Alexander noted that he wants “people to know how much this band means to us and how much it already has changed our lives”.

From the Beginning

It was only in 2017 that this band really started coming together. Keaton and Alexander linked up for some auditions for Keaton’s solo project. Naturally, the rest fell into place by bringing Tommy onboard. From then to now, the boys have developed their sound into something so unique and powerful. While the boys cite bands like The 1975, WALK THE MOON, and Two Door Cinema Club as stylistic influences, I can genuinely say after seeing them perform live that they have created something special with their music that cannot be overlooked. Magic is missing from music today, but not for THE SOCIAL who has begun to reinvented traditional pop band tropes. 

It’s this energy and this vibe that they brought on tour with Spencer Sutherland. “Touring with Spencer was absolutely amazing,” says Keaton. “I think most important to me was that we all learned that when put in uncomfortable situations, all of us are ready to step up and do what needs to be done to put on a great show and most importantly connect with the fans.”

Tommy notes how “It was great to see our music resonating with fans right in front of our eyes and love what we are doing.”

A Safe Space

That’s such an important aspect of the industry right now: appreciating fans. THE SOCIAL tirelessly met fans after their set and took genuine time with each one. The band stands out in their way to communicate and connect with not only a crowd but with every soul who came out to see them. Alexander explains this feeling, saying: “I learned how to love and appreciate fans more from this tour. I’ve never experienced the energy and love from fans like I did on this tour. I can’t wait to play and meet more fans. I love you all.

Even their goals as a band are for others. Tommy says “Most importantly, we want to connect with our fans in a meaningful way” and Alexander says he wants to make sure people know that they aren’t alone.

Keaton Stromberg interacting with fans in the crowd via Ali Fitzgerald (@alfitzpics, Instagram)

Keaton highlights his goals for the band as creating something “that dives deeper than the average pop song, while still having fun while doing it.” This can only be achieved with the right inspiration for their music.

All of the boys pour every bit of their lives into the music that they create. Keaton explains: “I think writing songs that are bigger than ourselves is important for all of us and to do that we really pull from all of our life experiences, emotions, and perspectives.”

Generally speaking, this music is crafted “quickly and naturally” says Tommy. Specifically, their last group of songs was written in a rented cabin in Idyllwild, California within only the span of a week.

The fact that these boys came together so quickly and click so well reminds me of something Alexander pointed out. He said:

“There’s something special about this band when we are all in a room together. It’s hard to explain but I believe people can get a sense of that something special during our live show.” And maybe the way this band can craft songs so quickly and work together so ingeniously may just prove his gut feeling.”

After seeing that live show, I was blown away. I was inspired. Their passion for what they do was so very apparent that it gave me a break from my real life. With true passion, though, comes hard work to make that possible. Tommy summarizes that “To be extraordinary… that means taking a risk, we want to tour the world many times over, and that means we have to constantly be working at it.”

Keaton explains: “We all strive to be something extraordinary while bringing positivity to what we do.” For THE SOCIAL, everything is about intention and mindset. They bring that energy both on and off the stage.

Words of Wisdom

This drive and passion sets them apart. When I asked  them about advice for others, they gave some key tidbits of wisdom: Here are some pieces of advice about the industry from the boys of the band that I think just need to be read as is:

Keaton: Never give up. The only way you’ll ever fail in this business or really any business is if you give up. Yes it gets hard sometimes. And some things may feel like failures. But the only true failure is giving up on your dream.

Tommy: Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. Anything can be accomplished with the right attitude, tenacity, and being true to who you are. Shoot for the stars, you might just make it!

Alexander: If you really want it, you have to put in the work. Even when you feel like it’s not going anywhere, you have to push through it. I believe there are two types of people in this world; people who live to dream and people who live their dream. Follow your dreams.

The Future

While it’s easy in this industry to set your eye on the prize, it’s not easy to maintain your sense of humanity and remain humble while doing so. THE SOCIAL is one of those gems that genuinely cares about putting kindness out into the world. Tommy told me: “we are here to connect with the fans, not just to make money or have some rockstar image.”

Tommy Harrock on guitar via Ali Fitzgerald (@alfitzpics, Instagram)

These aren’t just the words they speak, but the reality of the band. They truly live up to these promises and are able to create a safe space for their fans every night on tour. It’s a balance between this energy and the music itself. Keaton explains: “I want people to know about the band is that we’re here to make music that will relate to everyone, and has deeper meaning and feeling than what you see on the surface. While still maintaining a fun and exciting experience.”

While I can’t tell you the exact future for THE SOCIAL, I can say that wherever they go they will do so with love, passion, and intention. What they will build will be something that we can’t even imagine yet and I am so excited to be a part of it.