It doesn’t matter what genre of music you like or what artist you are in love with, Post Concert Depression will get you every time. In my expert analysis as a pro concert goer, I have put together a detailed description of Post Concert Depression and the overall symptoms. I hope you can find some solace in this now that your concert has ended.

1. Denial

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We’ve all been there– the music has stopped, the musicians have long since vacated the stage, and the lights in the venue have gone up. Yet, for some reason, you’re still holding on to the barricade for dear life, probably begging some security guard to hand you the setlist from the stage or a guitar pick that it just beyond your reach. You’re hoping that maybe this is just a short break and they’ll come back on for an encore any second, but your numbers are dwindling as people begin to hang their heads in defeat and head back to their cars. Security is asking you leave, but you’re trying to explain to them that the show just can’t be over… this is the first stage of post-concert depression.

2. Anger

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At some point between leaving the venue and getting home, you’re bound to feel a bit angry. Whether it is from the long lines at the merch table, the fake fans trying to talk up the no-name opening act, or from the terrible traffic that you’ll need to sit through to leave the venue. And everything becomes just a tad bit more irritating because you’re tired, but mainly because in comparison to that MIRACLE of a concert that you just witnessed, nothing can quite stack up. It’s okay, you’re going to blast the artists’ music on the way home anyway to calm yourself down.

3. Depression

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But then you find yourself laying in your bed, staring at your ceiling, and feeling a never ending wave of sadness rush over you. Nothing can be quite the same ever again, how could it? That concert was probably the peak of your life and here you are laying in bed, crying… why are you crying? You don’t really know, it is probably because of how tired you are, but you refuse to accept that logical answer because you need to listen to look through your wild Snapstory from the night at least eight more times and look through all your low quality pictures (that are high quality in your eyes because you saw your favorites and everyone else didn’t) before you can go to sleep.

4. Bargaining

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When you wake up the next morning, the next stage starts. You don’t want it to be over and you won’t let it be over. Again, you look through all of your pictures, trying to relive the experience. Plus, this time, you woke up wearing the band tee that you bought that the venue, so its like you have a little piece of the concert with you forever. You would do anything to go back… anything. You Tweet at the band members, looking for some sort of validation (and also to beg them to come back to your city/state soon because you just NEED to see them). This stage can last for awhile.

5. Acceptance

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Finally, you click checkout on Ticketmaster and place your order for the next concert tickets. With a new concert coming up, all your problems begin to melt away little and instead of Post Concert Depression, you launch into Pre Concert Mania. You’re safe this time…

until it all starts over again, that is.