With Confidence’s Luke Rockets and Jayden Seeley spoke with Upset Magazine to talk touring and their future sophomore album:

Having come so far off the strength of their debut, album two is something the group are determined to make to the boldest and biggest of their capabilities. “I feel like it’s a common thing: the sophomore slump,” Luke laughs. “The pressure is very, very evident. Having such success on the debut is something we never necessarily expected – but we’re very, very, very stoked to have.”


“We’ve got a lot of plans that haven’t been announced yet,” Luke teases. “It’s going to include a lot more touring. Maybe there’ll be a new song or two. I don’t know.” “There’s some cool shit happening,” Jayden agrees. “It’ll be fucking sick. I’m pretty excited about it.”

The interview is a good read. Check out the rest here.