Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was recently featured on Joe Rogan’s podcast Tuesday afternoon. The two hour podcast was full of intriguing topics from Italian pasta recipes to Travis and former bandmate Tom DeLonge smoking weed and searching for aliens in the early days of blink.

Rogan featured DeLonge on his podcast back in October of 2017, where they discussed the UFO phenomenon which left Rogan more or less skeptic of the whole situation. With the notoriety of DeLonge still following the face of blink-182 and the subjective views surrounding his alien obsession, it was imminent for Rogan to bring up DeLonge. Not to mention, Barker is the only one really close to him.

During the podcast Rogan asked, “So I have to ask you; does Tom talk about UFO’s all the time?”.

“He always did. We used to get loaded and look out the bus window for hours. It was kind of a bonding experience.” Barker further explained how they would get into each other interests. He continued, “For Tom, that was his thing. ‘Let’s get high and look for UFO’s.'”

Barker also mentioned how DeLonge would go to the extremes of getting groups together to search for the infamous bigfoot on tour. “It’s really not something he just got into. From the day I met him, we was obsessed with UFO’s and aliens and always very passionate about it”.

Barker continued to say how nothing has changed since the day they met, and explained how Tom periodically calls Barker to inform him on his endeavors. “The other day I talked to him and he’s like,’I’m on my way to the f’ing White House, bro’. I don’t ask any questions, I just say, ‘as you should be.'” The conversations were filled with laughter, but Barker hit on a more serious topic filled with respect and dignity for his former bandmate.

“I give it to him, man. To walk away from your very successful band to go do that, like, I have nothing but respect for his passion, but I couldn’t do that. It really shows he’s very passionate about it.” Barker said, regarding DeLonge’s 2015 departure from blink-182.

Joe Rogan poked fun, jokingly saying, “I hope he saved up some money.”

“Me too”. Barker replied.

Obviously, Barker and DeLonge still share a common respect for one another, and their friendship is still going. No, it doesn’t mean Box Car Racer is back, or blink-182 is reuniting. It’s just nice to see the two getting along and publicly making peace with the split that happened four years ago.

To watch the full podcast, click the link below!