Mayday Parade has been in the game for more than 10 years now. Having released 6 full length albums, deluxe editions, anniversary editions and even a full length commentary on A Lesson in Romantics, it’s safe to say that Mayday Parade has made a name for themselves and clawed their way to pop punk royalty. This is a list of their 10 best songs throughout the years.

10. “Let’s Be Honest”

From the Black Lines album, this track is my go to gym song. It is honest, raw and edgy- as any good pop punk song is.

9. “Hold Onto Me”

This emotional track is off of the Monsters In The Closet album released in 2013. One of their more powerful songs, this song still tugs heartstrings on those lonely nights no matter how many times you listen to it.

8. “Amber Lynn”

Valdosta was one of the first actual EP’s released by a popular Mayday Parade. This acoustic little love song track is the first on the EP along with hits such as “Jamie All Over”, “Your Song” and even the most popular (according to Spotify) “Terrible Things”.

7. “Three Cheers for Five Years”

Later released on Punk Goes Acoustic as a stripped down piece, this song is a heartbreak anthem. Off their very first EP Tales Told By Dead Friends, this track’s dual vocals make it stand out.

6. “It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated by Bolts of Lightning”

Sunnyland was released in June of 2018. Bringing back the long song titles that dominated the early 2000s, this track was reminiscent of the Mayday Parade that we fell in love with 12 years earlier.

5. “Kids In Love”

Also released on Valdosta, this is the opening track of 2009’s Anywhere But Here. A summer love song kind of jam, this track never fails to make me roll the windows down.

4. “If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask”

My go to “angry heartbreak song” is off A Lesson in Romantics. Standing as the midpoint on this album, this track is a turn the volume up sing your heart out pretend you are Derek Sanders kind of tune.

3. “Piece of Your Heart”

A more recent song off Sunnyland and the first single, this song showcases love in its purest form. With guitar riffs galore and killer vocals, this track makes us fall in love over and over again.

2. “Stay”

Mayday Parade released in 2011 has hits such as “Oh Well, Oh Well” and Call Me Hopeless But Not Romantic” but this track hits at the top of the list. While not as angsty and mosh-able as song other songs, this tune showcases Derek’s vocals. Heartbreak never felt so good with this gut wrenching ballad.

1. “Jamie All Over”

Coming in at number 1 is the opening track to the iconic album A Lesson in Romantics. It was originally released in 2007 on the album, again as a single in 2008 and then again on Valdosta in 2009. This song has a nostalgia factor and gets you dreaming of those Las Vegas lights, wishing for love and stirs up your wanderlust like no other.