Look, I’m sorry to the rest of the States but its 80 degrees in Florida already. It’s practically summer time.  I can’t speak for the rest of you guys, but that means I’m in the mood for some new summertime “let’s go to the beach” tunes.


Here’s a couple new releases that are giving me summer vibes:

“My Best Habit “ – The Maine

Honestly, every song released by The Maine sounds like summer.

“Pleasures” – Seaway

“Pleasures” is a great follow up banger to their last summer anthem “Lula on the Beach”.

“I Can’t Feel” – Yours Truly

I just found Yours Truly and I’ve kept “I Can’t Feel” on repeat for days.

“Rosé by the Ocean” – In Her Own Words

If we’re being honest, rosé by the ocean just really sounds like a good idea. Also, a solid new release by In Her Own Words.

“Beg” – Crooked Teeth

The first time I heard “Beg” I immediately imagined driving down the coast with the windows down and this song playing.


What songs are you adding to your summer playlist?