On Saturday, December 29th, 2018, Philadelphia-based tribute band Pinheads celebrated seven years of giving tribute to one of the most popular punk rock bands, the Ramones.

The show started at 11 P.M. on the upper floor of Philadelphia venue, The Tusk. Vocalist Eric 13 jumped onto the stage, followed by the rest of the band. They immediately connected with the audience, who were all over the place, jumping and dancing around with the beat of their first song, “Let’s Dance”.

The night kept going and Ramones greatest hits such as “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”, “Judy Is A Punk”, “We’re A Happy Family” and “Psycho Therapy” were playing with the energetic pulse of The Pinheads.

The show was about to conclude, but the fans, not satisfied yet, started asking for one more song. Of course, the stars of the night could not deny one more song to their beloved fans. The last song was “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the fans sang along to the famous lyric “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go”.

Here are what some of the fans had to say:

“I really enjoyed the Pinheads’ performance (live stream). They can really convey the emotions of the original singer, Joey Ramone. All of the people there danced and sang along; it couldn’t have been better.” – Lea (Munich, Germany)

“Honestly, I loved the set. I’ve seen them play a few times over the years now and I think the set has gotten better and better. It’s entertaining seeing Eric front a band without playing guitar at all because I know him from the [former band] Sex Slaves days and it’s totally different. I loved when they played their encore of songs they already played; it was such a fun energy and the whole crowd was wild. I don’t have much else to say really, it was just so much fun.” – Julie (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

“It was an amazing show. I could have just lived without the mosh pit that formed and I got hit a few times, other then, it was amazing!” – Angel (Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)

If you have the chance to catch Pinheads in concert, don’t doubt to go because you will not regret it!