This morning, The Killers released a new song entitled, “Land Of The Free.” Following the release, Brandon Flowers posted a message regarding the meaning of the song on the band’s social medias. Flowers chronicles the many years it took for this song to come together. It all started with the Sandy Hook shooting back in 2012, and with every following mass shooting, the fragments of the song was picked up again.

He said in a video he posted to Twitter, “Things like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, what’s happening at the wall, this stuff doesn’t seem to be in harmony with the values that I believe my country was founded on.” He goes on to explain that he kept waiting for someone else to write the song because he felt as though he was not the right one to do it.

The song hits on many critical issues that face Americans today: mass shootings, immigration, and violence abroad. Flowers feels for these people, remembering his grandmother who came to the United States in order to escape oppression, just as people are doing today.

“I see my family in the faces of these vulnerable people.”

Flowers acknowledges that these issues are difficult to tackle, but doing nothing is not the answer. The Killers are from Las Vegas, Nevada. A city shaken by the USA’s deadliest mass shooting in 2017, so it makes sense that this issue hits so close to home for the band. Flowers asks for people to come together and fight these issues, because he knows that we are capable of change, and capable of proving to be better than we have been in the recent past.

“I know these are complicated issues, but whether you stand to the left, right, or straddle the line, you’ve gotta believe that we can do better.”

The song begins describing a man looking back on his immigrant past and then features a beautiful chorus of voices singing “land of the free.” The next verse describes the unwanted attention black people receive from police as well as the immense population of prisoners and the prison business. The juxtaposition of the angelic voices singing “land of the free” next to the verses describing problems people face within what has been dubbed the land of the free, shows the hypocrisy in that statement. It also shows how people ignore these very real problems. The final verse brings up the USA’s problems with mass shootings, summing it up by singing “we got a problem with guns.” It also discuss the proposed boarder wall and how the people on the other side simply want what we want, to live in the land of the free.