I recently had the chance to see State Champs headline a sold out show at the Orlando House of Blues on their Living Proof US tour. Considering the few times I’ve been able to catch a Champs set in the past, I had high expectations for this show in particular. To no surprise, the night did not disappoint.

Supporting State Champs on the tour are Grayscale, The Dangerous Summer, and Our Last Night. With each set, the openers managed to create and build up the perfect atmosphere. In a packed crowd there wasn’t a single person in sight not at least nodding their heads along with the music.

From the moment State Champs joined the stage their energy did not falter, and the crowd mirrored that same intensity from start to finish. They opened their set respectively with the top track from the touring album, “Criminal”. The setlist featured a decent mix of new and old tracks like: “Safe Haven”, “Remedy”, and “Losing Myself”.

In a venue as large as the House of Blues, it can be difficult to achieve an intimate connection with fans. However, during an acoustic performance of “If I’m Lucky” Derek Discanio managed to bring the crowd out of the fast paced energy and share an intimate moment with each and every fan in the crowd.

Closing out the show on a high note, the band reentered the stage for the infamous encore to play fan favorites “Elevated” and “Secrets”.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning or just discovering State Champs, the Living Proof tour is a physical representation of the energy that the band has always embodied.