For some, new pop punk is hard to find around the world. However, if you’re looking for some unique sounds, Australia is the way to go. Stand Atlantic, from Sydney, Australia, are an alternative rock/pop band made up of three musicians; Bonnie Fraser (guitarist/vocals), David Potter (bass) and Jonno Panichi (drums).

The band, who’s signed with Rude Records, is a trio with a lot of talent that is going to easily be heard around the world. We had the opportunity to talk with the band’s frontwoman Bonnie Fraser. Here’s what she had to say:

First of all, congratulations on the release of your debut EP, ‘Sidewinder’. It’s easily one of the best EP’s/albums released this year. What’s the response been like so far?

Thank you! The response has been so much more than we had ever thought, people are enjoying it which is awesome to see!

One of the main things that stands out on this EP is the production. It’s so on point and everything sounds so solid and polished, especially the guitars and vocals. Bonnie, being the only guitar player, you must have been busy tracking all those parts. What was the process like for that? Do you have all of the parts written prior to going into the studio or do you come up with them on the fly?

Most of the lead lines are done in the studio after vocals have been finalised so none of the melodies clash. Between myself, Potter (bass) and our producer, we all figure out what’s best to play and where, then usually either our producer and myself will do the tracking, but every now and then Potter will jump in too. As long as we can pull it off live, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to us who tracks the parts, as long as it sounds the tightest it can for the record.

Bonnie, you clearly play guitar well. How long have you been playing?

I’ve been playing pretty much my whole life, so in saying that, I should be a lot better than I am haha.

How did Stand Atlantic become a band and get their start?

Potter and I went to music school together and were in a band prior, we decided to change the name, wrote some new songs and got Jonno on board and boom.

How did you get discovered by Rude Records? What was it like to get a deal done?

Our manager was in contact with them before our EP was even mixed and they were super passionate about it and said they were interested in signing us. Was a super surreal and motivating thing to sign a deal with a label like Rude, I think i can speak for most bands that its something you always aim to do, so be able to sign with them based off this one EP that wasn’t even out yet was a great feeling.

What is it like only having 3 members in the band?

Its chill haha. The three of us are really close so its nice having such a tight-nit little unit.

Is there room for creativity? Any trouble filling certain roles due to only having 3 members?

We usually have a fill in guitarist for shows, just to thicken up the sound and make sure all those lead lines on the record don’t go to waste!

What’s the rock scene like in Australia?

It’s cool but very small. Everyone knows everyone which is rad though, and being so far away from everything means bands who really want to do this full time are willing to put double the amount of effort in.

Do you hope to be heard from around the world?

Of course! The internet is a wonderful place for that haha. We’re also touring with ROAM overseas in November so we’re excited to actually play in different countries as well.

If you can tour with any band who would it be?

Too many people… Anyone fun to be honest haha.

Who are your influences?

To name a few, Turnover, Moose Blood, Blackbear, Silverchair, Trophy Eyes, Justin Bieber, Sia, Camp Cope, Lorde, The Story So Far… There’s just so many.

What caused you guys to become a band?

Jonno (drums) and I both have musical parents who are/were touring musicians so we kinda just grew into it that way, and its always been something we’ve wanted to do. Potter is the exact opposite and doesn’t have any family who are musical and just picked up guitar as something to do, and he’s a better musician than all of us haha.

Since the release of the new EP, are there any plans currently in the works for a full length album? Any new songs written already? Any idea of when that may be released?

We’re always writing, definitely thinking of what the next step will be and have always wanted to do a full length album, so i guess we just have to wait and see!

What’s your message to the world?

Be yourself, be kind, be real.

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