Do you need some new music to listen to? The All Punked Up team are here to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!


Infamous (2017) by Memrin

Infamous is the first demo EP by the melodic heavy metal band, Memrin. The demo features songs called ‘The Grave’, ‘Infamous’ and ‘Your Pride’. The new version of ‘The Grave’ was released as a single on May 4th, 2018, along with a cover of ‘History in Black’, originally performed by the band Priest. Memrin is the band you need to keep you ears and eyes open for. I totally recommend them to you.” – Camila


Awake (2009) by Skillet

“The album I’ve been listening to the most this month is a little bit of an older album. The album is Awake by Skillet. I enjoy listening to this album a lot because it has those songs that you can blast while you’re driving, or if you just feel like listening to something loud. This album also has some slower songs on it that still have a heavier rock sound to them, which I enjoy. Of the entire album I’d have to say ‘Awake and Alive’ is my favorite song; I love how loud and epic-sounding the song is. Awake is almost 10 years old, but I’m glad I rediscovered it.” – Nicole


The Great Depression (2018) by As It Is

“The album I’ve had on repeat lately is The Great Depression by As It Is. As It Is took on a concept album for their newest album. The album follows the perspective of The Poet and tells the story of their struggles with mental health, as well as analyzing society, everyday struggles, and understanding the way in which they are all influenced by each other. The album steps away from the classic sound and moves in a heavier direction. As It Is have taken a heavy subject and an important topic and turned it into an album that will not only ask questions and bring light to a topic that is so often pushed aside, but into something that is pleasing to listen to as well.” – Natalie


Yours Truly (2011) by Paradise Fears

“The album I’ve been listening to on repeat this month is Yours Truly by Paradise Fears. Released in 2011, the band’s first full-length album is full of upbeat songs jam-packed with emotions ranging from from lust to breakups to love. Not only are the songs catchy, but the lyrics are also incredibly relatable. Yours Truly opens strong with ‘More Than Lust’, an energetic song about lust and unrequited love, and closes with the title track ‘Yours Truly’. As one of the only slower tracks on the album, it tells a beautiful story about being unequivocally dedicated to someone regardless of what is happening in the relationship. Personally my two favorite tracks are ‘Just A Feeling’ and ‘Violet’, which have strong lyrics such as start living for something worth dying for. What are you waiting for? and forget yourself when the music plays. Your favorite song’s been repeating for three straight days,” respectfully. I don’t know if there are enough words to describe what this album means to me, but it is the perfect album to blast in your car and sing along to. This album is truly something special and I highly recommend everyone give Yours Truly, as well as the rest of Paradise Fears a listen.” – Tori


Telegraph (2005) by Drake Bell

“Earlier this month, I found out that Drake Bell’s Uncovered tour would actually be hitting my neck of the woods in eastern PA and decided there was no way I wasn’t going. In preparation for the concert, I revisited Bell’s debut album, Telegraph. Listening to the album was a bit of nostalgia trip for me as many of the album’s tracks were featured on the television show, Drake & Josh. Songs like ‘Hollywood Girl’ (my favorite song on the album), ‘Don’t Preach’, ‘Down We Fall’, ‘Highway To Nowhere’ (which also appeared on an episode of Zoey 101), and a full version of the show’s unforgettable theme song ‘Found A Way’, were all woven into the show. Outside of that nostalgia, Telegraph is a great album with strong songwriting and a fun pop rock and alt rock aesthetic and has remained one of my favorite albums to date. It was also a very fun record to close out the summer. Getting to see Bell preform a bunch of the album’s tracks live was a super fun experience. Would you believe it if I told you I got to meet the legend himself too?” – Ian