Local New Jersey act, Painted Young, has released his EP I’m Not Gonna Wait.  This is the first release since Painted Young went from a four piece band to a solo act.

The album starts off strong with opening track, and lead single, “Little Girl.” It’s catchy and upbeat to easily grab the listener’s attention and transport them into the world that the EP resides in. The guitar and vocal melodies are something that really stood out to me the first time I listened to it. It sounds very similar to some of Fall Out Boy’s earlier music, which brings a fun element to the song.

Next up is “Needle in a Haystack.” This is your classic punk rock song from start to finish. Like the rest of the EP, it is easy to tell that every part of this track was carefully picked and strategically planned. My only critique with this song would be that the drums were a little too forward in the mix and started to drown out the rest of the instruments, especially during the bridges.

Partially acoustic love song “Charming Number 3” will have you swaying along no matter where you are. This song transforms as it plays out, growing from a sweet acoustic track into this punchy punk rock one that tells the story of falling in love. The musicality and lyrics of the song tie together beautifully, making this track one of my favorites from the record.

However, while “Charming Number 3” holds a high place on the charts for me, I have to say “The Madhouse” is definitely my favorite off of I’m Not Gonna Wait.Released as another sing, this song is incredibly unique and brilliantly written. I especially love the mad laugh that takes place in the beginning of the track. This track beautifully encompasses the talent that Chris Santos possesses.

“Want your song? Here you go.” easily reminds me of a Green Day track, especially because of the modulated vocals in the beginning. The melody of the bridge is another factor that plays into my Green Day comparison. It’s a catchy song that instantly catches the listener’s attention. The static outro at the end was also a nice touch that tied the song together.

Acoustic ballad “Summer Come Back” gives a different tone to the entire EP. Some artists when they release their first couple of projects they sit in their pocket of what they’re comfortable with and try not to stray away from that as they try to make a name for themselves. But, Painted Young added a level of versatility to the EP with this track which I think was a very smart move. It rounds out the entire EP perfectly.

Closing track “All That I Want” strays away from the punk rock sound that has been present for most of the EP and falls along the lines of pop punk. When I first listened to this track I instantly saw a crowd jumping along to the chorus. It has a fun bounce to it that you can’t help but start dancing to.

I was thoroughly impressed by the entire I’m Not Gonna Wait EP. The potential and passion for music that Painted Young holds is present in every single track and it is so easy to tell how much hard work went behind it. I highly recommend checking out this EP and am very excited to see what Painted Young will come up with in the future!

We want to say thank you to Painted Young for allowing us to review this EP. I’m Not Gonna Wait is out now!