Boys Like Girls is probably a name that you haven’t heard in awhile. However, who doesn’t remember their song “The Great Escape” from the mid-2000s? Personally, Boys Like Girls was not only my introduction to the genre of pop-punk/emo, but they were also my first favorite band. Their music made a huge impact on what I listen to today and their debut album will always have a place in my heart. Here are our top 10 Boys Like Girls songs and don’t forget to check out the playlist below.

10)  “Holiday”

“Holiday” is one of the slowest songs on the album, but it is also one of the most meaningful. It’s a track that makes you think and reflect on your past or current struggle. It makes you realize that all you really probably need is a “holiday” from reality.

9)  “Learning To Fall”

While it could be considered one of the band’s most emo songs in terms of lyrical content, it also has an unbelievable catchy and memorable chorus. If you listen to the lyrics closely, the song is extremely dark, specifically in the verses. It definitely revolves around that stereotypical theme of “she doesn’t like me back” heartbreak.

8)  “She’s Got A Boyfriend Now”

“She’s Got A Boyfriend Now” has always been a fan-favorite from the band’s second studio album, Love Drunk. It’s about a musician missing his chance with a girl because while he’s out on the road with his rock band, the girl got boyfriend instead of waiting for him.

7)  “Two Is Better Than One”

Considered the ballad of Love Drunk, “Two Is Better Than One” features pop singer Taylor Swift. It is also the only Boys Like Girls song to feature guest vocals. This song is all about realizing how much better your life is when the person you love is by your side; you come to the realization that “two is better than one.”

6)  “Heart Heart Heartbreak”

A catchy pop rock song with an intro very similar to Bon Jovi’s classic “Livin’ On A Prayer,” this track is all about knowing that a relationship is doomed before it even starts. In addition to its fun lyrical content, the music video for the song is quite entertaining.

5)  “Love Drunk”

Perfect for describing a summer romance, “Love Drunk” is all about, well, being drunk in love. It’s all about being so infatuated with the person, until you “sober up” and quickly decide to move on.

4)  “Thunder”

One of the band’s most popular songs to date, “Thunder” from the band’s self-titled is the ultimate love song for your significant other. Not only is it slow, but the lyrics are also incredibly romantic.

3)  “Five Minutes To Midnight”

Another extremely catchy song, you’ll already feel like singing along from the second the vocals start. The instrumentals are prominent throughout, making it one of the band’s most fun songs to jam out to.

2)  “The Great Escape”

Definitely considered the band’s break-through song, “The Great Escape” is also about having fun with the people you care about most and escaping from reality. This track also makes a great high school graduation song.

1)  “Hero/Heroine”

Another popular song from their self-titled, “Hero/Heroine” is all about feeling “saved” by the person you love. In this song specifically, the guy is considered the hero and the girl is his heroine. I think that many would agree that one of the best and most memorable lyrics from the song is, “Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?”

Honorable Mentions:  “On Top Of The World,” “The First One,” “Go,” “Be Your Everything,” “Up Against The Wall”