One For The Braves has covered New Found Glory’s “Truth Of My Youth” and we have the honor of premiering the track. Check it out below.

One For The Braves shows maturity and adventure with a blatant attempt to stand out from the crowd, without at any point deviating from their trademark sound and in doing so craft an unapologetically fun tone.

“Truth Of My Youth”

The band released their latest EP, Does Anybody Honestly Care, last year. An impressive step up from September 2015’s The Place No-One Goes, One For The Braves show a maturity and adventure with a diverse but thoroughly fluid and engaging collection. Enlisting the guidance of Eric Castillo and John Naclerio (Nada Recording Studios), Does Anybody Honestly Care delivers energy, urgency and hooks galore as One For The Braves avoid the sophomore slump in style.