If you haven’t heard by now, Mark Hoppus lent a helping hand by making a song titled “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven”, apart of an eight song compilation album by Dog Songs. The song costs $1.00, while the entire album is $8.00. All proceeds go to ASPCA to help the dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The song’s main concept is about Dinky, the dog from National Lampoon’s Vacation, but it brought back a familiar feel to what old Blink-182 sounded like.

Take another listen and you’ll distinctly feel a Dude Ranch or Cheshire Cat vibe with a present day rendition.

If anything, this is where Blink needs to revisit. Although the band stated they wanted to, “experiment” with their next album, it seems that their best work will always lead towards the past and the fun they had a long time ago.

Not saying the music they’re making isn’t good, but it’s in best interest to maintain your identity and have fun; which is what Mark seemed to have been doing with this song/album. The fast pace riffs and 90’s feel will always be where Blink’s heart is, and we all know how much we love that.

It’s what makes the music pop! Check out the song below.

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