We’re back for another installment of the funniest guy on Twitter’s best tweets! If you’re not following Mark Hoppus on Twitter, you’re missing out, but you can find some of his best here!

When he tried to mess with his technologically challenged mom:

When he asks the really tough questions:

When he proved everyone has that one grandma:

When he got in trouble in school for singing the remix:

When he spoke the cold hard truth:

When he pointed out this weird fact:

When he created the movie mashup we didn’t know we needed to see until now:

When he reminded us he’s the ultimate dad:

When he clearly didn’t know what he was talking about:

When he was rightfully ready to fight Disney in the name of Hal and Cri-Kee: 

When he was everyone who overthinks in the late hours:

When he managed to make you laugh and crush your dreams in one tweet:

When he called every study abroad student out:

When he gave the people what they want – puppy pictures:

When he captured being a fan in the perfect way:

When he roasted All Time Low not once, not twice, but THREE times:

When he updates us on all the fun facts we need to know:

When he made the ultimate dad joke:

When he was all of us in social situations thinking of funny things to add to the conversation a day late:

When he understands the struggle of having too many emails to open:

When he pin-pointed kids knowledge of Blink-182 to a T:

When he was all of us pretending to know more about a sport than the players:

When he understands the struggle of forgetting a name:

When he called everyone on social media out for being too dramatic by being too dramatic: 

Agreed, just agreed.

When he spoke the harsh truth about being an over-thinker:

And finally when he was all of us at a party:

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