For almost two years, fans of Blink-182 have been wondering what the band has had to say about Tom DeLonge’s absence since his split in January of 2015. We’ve been given small samples and quotes here and there, but there’s never been solidarity of what the actual situation is.

However, bassist Mark Hoppus has made it perfectly clear in the bands’ recent interview with Kerrang.

“I last texted Tom a year ago,” said Hoppus. With the songs Blink has written in reference to the DeLonge breakup in their recent albums ‘California’ and California Deluxe, some would believe there would be animosity. Despite the emotional lyrics in songs such as ‘Cynical’ and the oh-so obvious ‘San Diego’, both sides seem to be satisfied with what’s going on as of late.

Hoppus went on, “He’s (DeLonge) doing his thing, we’re doing our thing with Blink-182, and it’s going well. I think the time for hard feelings are gone.” The last we heard about how any of them felt was when Tom talked about how he was ‘satisfied’ with how happy Mark and Travis Barker and how happy is is that there was a mutual feeling. However, Tom hasn’t been so great at telling both sides of the tale, as we’ve witnessed in previous years. It was nice to finally hear the same thing from each side.

It’s unfortunate that both sides can’t come to an agreement on when they’ll work together in the future, but it’s almost certain that we’re long past that conversation.

In the final moments of the interview, Mark was asked if Tom could return to the band if he wanted. With Matt Skiba doing so well in replace of DeLonge, a problem is arising with Skiba’s 20 year entanglement with his original band Alkaline Trio. Something could turn up and Tom could be back, just as he’s said before. Perhaps, if the stars align, Tom could find his way back in the band.

Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than that, and Hoppus wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. Mark gave an unsettling answer that sort of leads to the oblivious, “no”.

“I dunno… Thats a hard conversation… I don’t know.”

Take that as you will, but I believe that answers our questions about how Mark and Travis feel about their current situation, as well as Tom’s absence and most-likely forever farewell.