Bring Me The Horizon have been somewhat of a household name in the rock genre for several years now. However, I’ve never really considered myself a fan. I could easily count the BMTH songs I know on one hand. All of that seems to be changing with the recent release of amo.

Between the mixed reviews from very opinionated Twitter users and Bring Me The Horizon’s promo for their latest album; needless to say I was intrigued.

I went in to this album with the most open mind I could. I did my best to ignore everyone else’s opinion after I decided to give BMTH a listen. But I couldn’t ignore what I had already known prior to listening to the amo for the first time; most long time fans are upset about the poppier sound despite news of a change in their sound had been announced months prior to the album release.

The most notable criticism about the album is the change in sound. Whether it’s because the sound is just too different from their original sound or you believe it’s too late in their career to make such a massive switch up; I don’t think you can shut down their desire to experiment with their music. It seems a bit silly that after so many bands have adjusted their style over the years that we still have people upset when it happens to their favorites. Each time this occurs, we hear the same tired rant. Listeners shouldn’t expect bands to stick with the same sound record after record. Without an evolution of sound – there is no inspiration for others to feed off of. Fans should be able to adjust and support the growth.

In the case of amo, the sound change had a specific goal in mind. Oli Sykes was quoted saying, “We want to be that gateway band for people to get into rock music.” In my opinion, not only are BMTH growing themselves as a band; they’re attempting to broaden the entire genre. Finding a foothold in mainstream music play could bring a host of positive attention to rock music.

Aside from the negative twitter reviews, there has been very positive feedback on the record since its release. “MANTRA” featured on amo is nominated as Best Rock Song for the 2019 Grammy’s and has over 30 million streams on Spotify. So Bring Me The Horizon must be doing something right.

Bring Me The Horizon’s  North American tour began on January 23th featuring Thrice and Fever 333.

Needless to say, amo is a banger. Don’t believe me? Check out the album for yourself below: