Pop-punk band Knuckle Puck played a show at Frankies in Toledo, Ohio on March 11th, as a part of their USA Tour. Supporting acts included Jetty Bones, Hot Mulligan, Free Throw and Boston Manor.

Being from Cleveland, this was my first experience at Frankies–a very small and cramped venue. The crowd grew rowdy and it appeared to be dangerous; fans were crowd surfing, which isn’t a problem in a more spacious venue. There were two security guards who did a remarkable job of maintaining a safer environment, while everyone else did a phenomenal job at helping each other and trying to keep each other as safe as they could. Meanwhile, others would jump into the crowd from a wooden decorative bar located on the side of the pit.  Even with the exceptional effort of others around me, it is difficult to enjoy a show when you can’t really see the bands due to an overwhelming amount of crowd surfers. Personally, I would rather see Joe Taylor’s (of Knuckle Puck) face and not a concert-goers limbs in the air.

First to hit the stage was the always entertaining and lovely Jetty Bones. The crowd was calmly enjoying her set as she played her catchy tracks, “No Lover” and “Innocent Party”. She even got a little emotional, shedding a couple tears from hearing her songs being sung with her before closing her set with “Coasting Lines”.

Next came Hot Mulligan, who were a real treat for the night. They came out guns-blazing with “Something About A Bunch Of Dead Dog” and also played popular songs such as “Dary” and “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch”. Their set showcased various songs that differed from one another, making you want more as soon as they left the stage.

Following Hot Mulligan came Free Throw. Not only was their set upbeat and energetic, but the audience were completely indulged in them. I found them entertaining, but every song felt the same and slightly repetitive. The music overpowered the singer so it was tough to hear the lyrics to the songs or tell what the vocal quality was like.

A fresh sound hit the stage next: Boston Manor. If there’s one band that can hype up a crowd even more than it already was, it would be them. Giving instructions to start circle pits and give them more energy made the venue feel like a disaster zone. They opened strong with “Burn You Up” and continued down their set list, playing new track “Drowned In Gold” and the song that’s about someone who lead vocalist, Henry Cox “really fucking hates”, as well as “Broken Glass”. The band finished their set as strong as they started with single “Lead Feet,” where the crowd sang along with the words Everything you’ve ever wanted loud and clear, and ultimately closed with the popular “Laika”.

Finally came Knuckle Puck, swinging right into their set with “Double Helix” and leading right into “Wall To Wall (Depreciation)”. Every song was played with power and animation behind their movements. Songs like “Bedford Falls” had the crowd loosing their minds, while tracks like “Want Me Around” got more of a dance-able reaction.

Fans were also blessed with a energetic rendition of “No Good” and fan-favorite “Pretense.” Knuckle Puck is a band that with every performance, they keep things crisp and original, making you always want to see them when they’re in town, no matter the condition of the venue or how far you’ll have to drive.

Knuckle Puck Setlist:

1.) “Double Helix”
2.) “Wall to Wall (Depreciation)”
3.) “Disdain”
4.) “Everyone Lies to Me”
5.) “Poison Pen Letter”
6.) “Evergreen”
7.) “Bedford Falls”
8.) “Want Me Around”
9.) “Gone”
10.) “Fences”
11.) “No Good”
12.) “Untitled”
13.) “Conduit”
14.) “Pretense”
15.) “But Why Would You Care?”
16.) “Plastic Brains”

If this show hits your area, don’t sleep on the chance to see it!