Hold Close is a pop-punk band from Springfield, MO that you’re most likely missing out on. They took the time to talk to us about their latest EP, I Was Never Meant To Stay and touring amongst other things. Check out the interview, as well as their music video for “Cutting Ties” below.


APU: You released I Was Never Meant To Stay on 9/1/16. The EP sounds very clean and polished. Most bands’s first EPs sound a lot rougher than yours. How difficult was it to make without being signed?

HC: It wasn’t difficult, we just went into ABG with six songs we wrote and came out with exactly what we hoped for. Seth has a great ear for making things sound a certain way, so that’s where the crispness came from I guess haha.


APU:  What is your favorite track off that EP?

HC: Definitely “Drown Me Out.”


APU: While writing, whether it be with lyrics or music, did you run into any disagreements?

HC:  When there’s five guys with different ideas there will always be disagreements, but we never settle for something unless we all are into it.


APU: Is there a message you’d want listeners to take away from your lyrics?

HC: We just want people to connect to us with whatever they are going through, and however our lyrics make them feel. We hope our music can be an outlet for every day struggles that everyone goes through.


APU: Can we expect an LP in the near future?

HC: We definitely would hope so. Sometime in the future!


APU: Who are some of your biggest influences?

HC: Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, and Poison. No joke (laughs).


APU: You guys played the So What Music Festival. What was that like?

HC: It was actually our first festival! [It] turned out really cool, and [we] met a lot of cool people. Hoping to play more [festivals] in the future.


APU: When it comes to touring, where has been your favorite place to play so far?

HC: Chicago definitely.


APU: What is your favorite song to play live? 

HC: Ruse.


APU: If you could pick any band to open for, who would it be?

HC: (laughs) we wanna open for LANY.


You can follow Hold Close on Twitter, Spotify, Instagram  and like them on Facebook. Be sure to catch them on tour this May.


Hitting some dates with our Canadian friends in @bearingsband next month! See you soon. ✌? . . MORE DATES TBA. #HC

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