Last Sunday (5/21/17) our favorite U.K. guys in Neck Deep released two new songs with BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

“Where Do We Go When We Go” is a song with a clear classic Neck Deep sound, with a choir intro that leads into pounding drums. The song shows how Neck Deep is maturing, every sound transitions smoothly with each other and the lyrics cover a deeper topic. “I just wanna get one up on life/before it kills me” are words strung together that have had an impact on fans, leaving them wanting more.

“Happy Judgment Day” is another new track that comes in guns blazing with sharp guitars. The music feels cleaner compared to older Neck Deep songs. You can definitely hear where they have grown and it’s a without a doubt a great sound. Lyrics such as “Stop the world I’m getting off” has become a quick fan-favorite, and “There’s a black cat in the windows of Parliament” accompanied with the slight break down surrounding it fits perfectly with each other.

Now that we’re all completely thrilled for The Peace and The Panic to drop on Aug. 18, test your Neck Deep lyric knowledge with our quiz below!

Let us know your results!