Hayley Williams sat down with Urban Outfitters where she answered a series of random questions and also opened up about the inspiration behind Paramore’s “Rose-Colored Boy” music video. Here’s what she had to say (as transcribed by Alt Press).

“The ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ video, honestly, I don’t really think that video could have come out at a better time. We were about to play ‘Fake Happy’ for Good Morning America, and one of—I’m not gonna name names—but one of the anchors comes up and she goes, ‘Well this is a song I relate to!’ and I was like… it’s real. These people are miserable but they represent us every day and they have to look so happy. Really it just represents this idea that there’s so much pressure societally to show up and present yourself in a way that is pleasing to other people, that makes other people feel comfortable or makes other people feel like everything’s fine and perfect. That’s just not the way things are.”

You can check out the video below.