Bringing you another dose of Have You Heard, we introduce The City Limit.

The City Limit is a New Jersey based blues/pop band formed by singer/guitarist Scott Lewis and bassist Anthony Ambrosio in 2017. The two met as roommates at their rehearsal studio in Rockaway, NJ just as both of their respective bands happened to be breaking up. The two wasted no time on solidifying their next musical venture.

During Spring 2018, with almost no break in between the duo began putting together a catalog of songs that ultimately became their debut EP, ‘Dreaming in the Backroom.’ By doing so, it lead them to expand their current lineup which now includes drummer Sean Farrelly, and keyboardist Mike Casson.

The City Limit cultivates a unique sound that incorporates musical flavors from a broad spectrum of influences including Blues, Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk, and Folk music.