Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden spoke to Rock Sound and talked about the beginning of the band.

“It was about survival. When we started, we were in a tough situation, and saw music as a possible way out. Our mom was in a tough place, and our first goal was to see if we could get her into a better situation – we weren’t thinking about much else. We were thinking, ‘Oh man, if we can make this band work, we can really help our family out’. We put all of that energy and frustration, which could have been a lot of more negative, into the music.

“I felt really blessed, because instead of things turning dark, we had music to focus on. And we achieved that goal – the first check we ever got from Good Charlotte was spent on our family, getting our mom a place to live. We’re forever grateful for the band and the scene for allowing us to do that. It was an amazing outlet for our feelings and our frustrations at the time.”