I believe there are two types of people in the world; those who have a natural talent for gift giving and those who need a little help in that department. Falling in the second group, I usually start with best intentions and end up immersed in stress and anxiety and stockpile the ideas for another year. Gifts are hard when you want to give the one you love the world.

So if you’re a little lost this Valentine’s season; here’s a quick guide to make it a little easier for you:


One of the easiest and most thoughtful gifts, in my opinion, is to make a playlist for your Valentine. There are so many different ways you can go about your personal playlist. Compile a list of your favorite songs, songs they might like, or songs that remind you of them. Sharing music is a good way to share a piece of yourself with your Valentine.

Take the idea to the next step by burning a physical copy or making it an annual gift.

New merch

Band merch tends to be the first gift that comes to mind when buying for a fellow music lover. It’s probably one of the most conventional gifts to give. Band T-shirts have kind of become a staple gift in my own relationship. They’re the most practical because we all know we can always use a new band tee to wear.

However, You’re not just limited to T-shirt’s. Add a few enamel pins, hats, or even a Pop Socket to your cart.

Subscription to streaming service

If your Valentine hasn’t committed to the modern age of music listening; start them a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify. Let them get a taste for ad free unlimited music streaming. It’s a beautiful world to live in where Spotify isn’t screaming at you to subscribe every two songs, and your Valentine deserves to live in it too.

Besides, you’ll give them a way to stream that cute playlist you made them.

Concert tickets

While this one might need a bit of planning, if you’re lucky, it’ll knock two things off of your Valentine list: the gift and the date. If there is a show near the big day your Valentine has been hinting at seeing grab two tickets and make their night.

If there aren’t any big gigs coming up, find a small show and support a local band. You’ll still have a great time with your Valentine and that’s what matters.

Vinyl, CDs, or Cassettes

This one is for your old school Valentine. Skip the music subscription above and pick out a couple physical copies of their favorite album or a new release they might love.

Speakers or headphones

As music lovers, we could all usually use a new pair of headphones or a speaker. It’s a gift you know they’ll love and use all of the time.

Remember that playlist from earlier? Let them play it at full volume on their new speaker. I’m sure the neighbors won’t mind.

Artists side projects

If your Valentine’s favorite artist has a new book release and they’ve been dying to read it or the band made a tour documentary grab a copy for them. If they’re into a members private clothing line, like Atticus or himynameismark, they might like a new piece from their collection.

Concert ticket collage

If you’ve got the time and the talent, take from the endless concert ticket collection your Valentine probably has and frame a collage for them. They can proudly display their favorite gigs as artwork and you can shock them with your creativity.

Disclaimer: you might want to ask permission before you dive into their hoard of tickets. You know, just in case.

Commission Artwork

I see tons of small artists posting work on twitter and Instagram. An idea I’ve personally held onto for a while is to commission a piece based on their favorite song or your song. You can frame the piece or have it put on a canvas for them.

Or if they’re more into body artwork, they can take the piece to a tattoo artist.

So get out there and spread the love this Valentine’s Day.