Remember this video?

It’s the one that My Chemical Romance shared that sent everyone into a frenzy expecting a possible return for the band. Ultimately, the video was put out to promote the band’s then upcoming 10th anniversary re-release of their epic album The Black Parade.

Frank Iero has now explained the story behind how the video came to be. Talking with Dan Patrick for his ‘Off The Seton Path’ show, Iero says:

“So what happened was, we wanted to do a 10-year anniversary release of it, and we had some demos left over and some songs that didn’t make the record and we were like, ‘Oh, cool. We’ll put it all together.’ Every year, we meet and have a barbeque kind of thing. We’ll have the barbeque, kids will hang out and we’ll discuss business for the next year. And we were like, ‘Oh, that would be really cool. We should do a little teaser trailer for it. Alright, that’s what we’ll do.’ So, we told the lady what we wanted, and they made this trailer, and we released it. And all of a sudden we were like, ‘Oh, wait. Everyone’s real confused’.”

“We were always a theatrical band. So we wanted to continue in that fashion, but when you’re not a band any longer, it’s probably harder to do that. We didn’t realize.”

You can check out the interview below.