Clumsy Words is a pop-punk band from Akron, Ohio. Since their debut album, Love.Trust.Hate.Broken, Clumsy words has been described as an honest, engaging and fun brand of pop-punk.

The band caters to new school punks fans, showcasing heart, melody and urgency. While still incorporating 90’s and 00’s purveyors into their tracks.

Now, Clumsy Words is now streaming their newest EP Rumination, on Spotify. The band continues to hone a range of influences from across emo, indie and rock.  The EP is complete with a raw offering that is balanced by catchy riffs and pop hooks.

Here’s a quick track-by-track description of Rumination below!

“Rumination” – “This is a song about that one person you meet in this life that you never really get over or stop thinking about. You have many interactions and relationships with many different people, but no matter what, the memories of this particular person always sticks in the back of your mind.”

“First” – “This is a reflection about having regrets and looking back on the past parts of a relationship and wishing you had handled things differently.”

“Leave A Mark” – “This is about domestic abuse. It touches on the psychological state and the dynamic of denial that comes with being the victim of an abusive relationship.”

“Starve” – “This track points to the dark side of the music industry. The parts where great artists put their heart and soul into their creations, but the businesses and the labels end up getting the majority of the credit and the compensation, while the artist starves.”

Let us know what you think of Rumination!