The English rock band from Sheffield, Bring Me The Horizon recently released their new and most controversial album named Amo.

Fans have been questioning and debating about the new songs, giving positive and negative opinions and criticism.

Oliver Sykes in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine said:

“Amo doesn’t sound like what we’ve done before; fans are going to have to give the disc a few spins to fully absorb what it’s all about. […] we change every record anyway, but this time I think some people are definitely gonna be, like, ‘What the fuck’s happened to my favorite band?’ But at the same time, it’s still Bring Me The Horizon. We just felt like it was time to do something completely different. […] As a fan, I’d be excited about this album. It’s definitely gonna take a few listens, not because you won’t like it at first, but because the songs have got so much going on. They’re a lot deeper than anything we’ve ever written before.”

Those were the words of Oliver Sykes, but what do the fans has to say about it?

“As someone who appreciates experimentation and doesn’t listen to Bring Me The Horizon solely for their hardcore sound, I’m a big fan of the album! It’s interesting to see how they can take any sound on the spectrum of music and make it their own, and while some may miss the heaviness of their older tracks, I am loving the newer sound and the variety it adds to their music” – Olivia (Reno, Nevada)

“Being an old school BMTH fan and listening to the new singles for the first time, I was a little shocked by the change of the sounds from ‘That’s The Spirit’ to what we heard from ‘Amo’ so far. When I first heard ‘Medicine’ I had mixed feelings mainly because I wasn’t a fan of the pop aspect of the songs, but as I kept listening it’s slowly starting to grow on me!” – Christian Maravilis (New York)

“BMTH’s new album is insane! I’m a fan since years but in my eyes ‘Amo’ is the best CD they ever released. Especially Wonderful life’ featuring Dani Filth is such a powerful song with a great message. I also like the deeper and heavy guitar-riff in that song. In general the 3 released songs are amazing!! They did a great job!” – Lea (Munich, Germany)

“I like ‘Mantra’ and ‘Wonderful life’, more ‘Wonderful life’, because the heavy sound that it has, then ‘Medicine’ I like it too, but nothing to do with the rest, because it’s very pop-ish. I like the lyrics, it didn’t fulfill me… If BMTH were a pop band from the beginning, it would be different to me, but it doesn’t… very basic, the lyrics yeah, I like them… ‘Wonderful life’ so far is my favorite…” – Hernán  (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

“Many people say that they are becoming very commercial, but even though that can be true (since every band is commercial whether you want it or not) the new BMTH has a very mature sound and the lyrics are still elaborated. They didn’t lose the quality of their sound in that sense. Besides, they grew and as a band I think it’s fine that they experiment with new sounds. I don’t consider that their new music is bad, even so, I like it a lot. It’s different, but as for quality, it’s very good.” – Sofia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)