Alexander DeLeon, known as Bohnes, has released the second part of his two-part album, 206: Act II. The highly anticipated album proved to be worth the wait!

The album opens strong with, “Straitjacket,” Bohnes’ first single off 206: Act II. It starts off with haunting lyrics about committing sins and not regretting them and then opens up in true Bohnes fashion with an upbeat and catchy chorus.

“So Pissed” talks about time flying by and not wanting to die before you have done something to make your life feel as if it meant something – an emotion all too many people feel. “Take it out on Me” starts off softer, but builds up into a sultry tune about someone taking their bad day out on their partner.

“Raging on a Sunday” and “Don’t Sing the Blues” are classic Bohnes bangers comprised of memorable beats and clever lyrics. Both talk about being unapologetically yourself and no letting anyone judge you or your actions.

“Coffins,” written by Bohnes for his girlfriend Josephine Skriver, is a masterpiece both lyrically and musically. It evokes the strongest sense of love you can imagine and speaks about not wanting to be without each other whether alive or in a coffin. The verses build such emotion and by the time the chorus hits, you’ll be a puddle on the floor.

For all The Cab fans out there, “Aurora Borealis” and “702” are for you. Aurora Borealis is another beautiful love song that has The Cab’s signature dynamic sound. “Aurora Borealis” truly shows off DeLeon’s vocal capacity in the most beautiful way. The final song on the album, “702,” is dedicated to DeLeon’s home of Las Vegas, where The Cab formed. An acoustic version of the song was released in October 2017, in wake of the tragic shooting in Vegas to show how impactful and strong the city truly is. This is the long-awaited full band version and it did not disappoint. Bohnes pays homage to The Cab with the lyrics, “I started a band down in Liberty. I think I wrote you a song or two. Hope the boys are still smiling I wonder if they think about me too.”

206: Act II seems to have three overarching themes: Bohnes being unapologetically himself, being thankful for the people around him who support him, and wanting his life to mean something – to be something “more than bones.”

It is clear Bohnes poured his heart and soul into this album and it paid off. Check out 206: Act II here: