Welcome to edition No. 1 of “Beyond Punk”, a series of posts that aim to expand our musical tastes and discover new artists (old and new) beyond the “Punk” scene. Here at All Punked Up we already cover some rock, indie and pop artists; but we thought we could expand even more. This series reflects my regular discoveries or just bands I haven’t listened for a while that have resurfaced in my listening moods, as well as some contributions from members of the All Punked Up team. Enjoy!

For this first time, I am bringing three bands that lately have been on repeat for me. The Sherlocks are a new rock-indie band from the UK, and they are starting to make their way into the US now. Their debut album, Live For The Moment, is a cohesive piece of work that could remind some people of bands like Kings of Leon, but The Sherlocks have managed to put a really unique and well-thought album out that will certainly attract many new fans.

Now let me introduce you to Kodaline. If you’re up for an emotional wreck, you’re in the right place. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this band before this year. It’s the kind of music that touches souls, could make you cry but also give you hope and cheer you up somehow. There’s also the fact that their music videos are really well produced, which is always appreciated. Their latest EP, I Wouldn’t Be, is a really good follow up from their previous work.

Finally here’s Canon Blue. This is a band that I discovered thanks to Taylor York’s (Paramore’s guitarist and now producer) recommendation. This is an indie sort of new wave band that certainly brings cool elements to a relaxed music listening session.