I’m not sure if it’s the Blink-182 fan boy in me, but I think I’ve found Tom DeLonge’s doppelgänger.

Back in 2003, when Blink-182 peaked their songwriting abilities with mature, yet satisfying music with their Self-titled album, they started a trend that would carry for years. We’ve seen many bands carry the torch of Blink’s legacy, starting their own sound mixed in with Blink’s type of style that transformed pop-punk.

However, I may have found the best band that has done so. As some of you might know them already, they’re called Balancing The Different.

Balancing The Different is from Los Angeles, California. It’s a four membered band lead by Tyler Gonzalez on vocals, Rease Kraml on guitar, Travis Juch on drums, and Darin Rinn on bass and vocals. They have revolutionized a familiar sound of alternative punk rock, but have added their own unique elements that make their music astounding.

They’re not too big yet, which is unfortunate, but you can check out their website here that lists most of their work:

One thing that caught my ears was the way the lead singer Tyler almost perfectly mimics DeLonge’s voice. It’s scary, yet incredible at the same time. On a lot of their youtube videos, fans have been requesting him to cover Matt Skiba’s lines in California. Listen for yourself in this song:

Yeah, I’m not wrong. It’s awesome.

The band came out with another album last year in 2016 called, Villian and it’s simply amazing. Their progression and ability to keep things fresh throughout each track is another thing that keeps them in the spotlight.

If you’re interested in what else the band has to offer, here are my personal favorites that you can check out: