It’s no doubt that Awsten Knight from Waterparks is the prince of Twitter (with Mark Hoppus being the king, obviously). From his hilarious tweets to his equally incredible replies, he provides endless amusement and loads of retweetable tweets.

In case you’ve been missing out, here are some of his best tweet’s of 2018 so far:

When he had the common mid-20’s life crisis:


When he listened in on a cringe worthy Starbucks conversation:


When he is all of us overreacting when our friends aren’t paying attention to something we love (such as Waterparks):


When he is literally anyone who has fallen into an unrequited love situation at Target:


When his search history resembles both an old person and a high school kid at the same time:


When he was every college kid trying different life hacks to survive:


When he held a grudge better than you ever could and you were almost jealous:


When he was so excited about a Koala and clapped back at someone trying to ruin it:


When he was all of us after binging Stranger things:


When he said things you didn’t even realize were true until he pointed them out:


When he really nailed the concept of Valentine’s Day:


When he was all of us resorting to desperate measures to watch our favorite shows:


When he made the grave mistake we all make every so often. Thank God for that archive folder ??


When he just wanted the simple things in life:


When he shared all of our feelings for Brendon Urie:


When this hilarious moment was captured:


When he worried his FBI agent long before we could tweet said lyrics and worry our own agent:


When he had to endure the dreaded LYFT small talk: ABORT RIDE!


When soup finally got recognized for its progressive behavior:


When he shared his moms cool behavior in church:


When he perfectly explained every college student’s brain in one tweet:


When he is all of us every time we log onto Facebook and see yet another old classmate pregnant or engaged:


When he somehow ended up on The Wiggles Instagram and was just as confused as the rest of us:


And finally, when he was literally all of us fangirling over our favorite celebrity:


For more incredible tweets from the prince of Twitter, follow @awsten