Camila Addams

Priest release new EP ‘Obey’

After the sad news of the departure of two members from the Sweden Synthpop/Techno Industrial band Priest, they seems to be unstoppable and recently the Tria Pr...

Rammstein tease new music video

“… No fire, but nuns!” and religious paraphernalia are the tease the German industrial metal band, Rammstein, has been throwing on their social media. In an int...
5 new music videos you must watch

5 music videos you must watch

Here are five of the latest music videos by some of your favorite bands and musicians. 5) Slipknot – "All Out Life" After a four-year hiatus, the American hea...
Camila Addams

Camila Addams

Hey, my name is Camila Addams, I'm from Argentina and I love music.