New Years Day frontwoman Ash Costello has filed a lawsuit against Iron Fist over their Bat Royalty clothing line.

Alt Press reports:

Today, Costello filed a lawsuit (which you can see below) against the company citing 14 offenses. Most significantly, it alleges Iron Fist took designs that Costello pitched and used them for other lines, has paid Costello only a small number of Bat Royalty sales, advertised personal appearances Costello was never informed about and removed the Bat Royalty logo from Bat Royalty designs and sold them as other Iron Fist-branded products.

“In 2014, Costello began working with defendants Iron Fist to produce the Bat Royalty brand,” the complaint reads. “After a short honeymoon phase with the Defendants, Costello’s requests for accountings in connection with the Brand were repeatedly ignored, her designs were routinely stolen for Iron Fist’s other apparel and accessory lines, and Costello’s name and likeness were regularly either improperly exploited or improperly excluded from Brand marketing materials.”

You can read a lot more here.