For the past few months, Andy Biersack has been posting various teaser photos related to his upcoming Andy Black solo album. His new project is set to accompany his graphic novel, The Ghost of Ohio, set to be released Spring 2019. However, in the past few days his posts have successfully upped the ante with his phone call narrations of The Ghost of Ohio. When I first called and heard his voice on the other end I nearly fell out of my chair I was so excited. I am excitedly waiting for further narrations to be posted. Part four of his genius marketing is available to be heard at (513) 202-6695 as of right now, however it is subject to change as more narrations are released.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear Parts 1-3 on the specific day, the phone number was posted you are unable to hear them directly anymore. I want everyone to experince hearing his voice and so thankfully, Twitter exists! The screen recorded links to all the parts are listed below!

For more information regarding The Ghost of Ohio and the new Andy Black album read the AltPress Interview here.