The phrase “up and coming artist” is thrown around a lot today. It’s associated with basically anyone who can keep a beat and throw in some relatable lyrics. However, give a young South African alternative rock band a chance to show you who they are, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Caelo’s new song “All You Need” dropped September 9th and upon hearing it, the parallels between this band’s vocal style and that of the iconic early 2000s club scene rock bands became evident immediately. This three piece group transforms the grime of a guitar to a clean cut, baby-faced edge.

Lyric wise, the clean cut emotion behind recognizable cliches makes it easy for any listener to connect. Some; however, may argue that this can make a song lose some of its uniqueness that it can only hope to battle back for. If that’s the case, Caelo does just that.

It’s the delivery that really sets “All You Need” apart from a standard song about love and lust and the delicate line between them. The riffs during the verses allow us to be transported to the image of seeing a lover for the first time. Giving yourself in entirely to them, “drifting away”. Slowly yet suddenly, the chorus allows us to feel like our mind is racing, we’re becoming obsessed, nothing makes sense.

“All You Need” is a modge podge of a Jimmy Eat World instrument vibe overlaid with the vocal delivery of Third Eye Blind. Caelo is still learning how to blend their music and really make a statement that is separate from the mainstream. However, this one song truly defines a positive direction for the band to work toward, and I can’t wait to be head banging to them for much longer.


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie