Mashup noun: “a song created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs”.

Mashups are very common in the music world. People love trying to mix songs together. Sometimes there are songs that work very well blended together, no matter how different they may sound. We aren’t quite sure why they work, but, hey, we like them and we continue to listen. So here is a list of our top rock song mashups that we know you’ll love.

1. 42 Pop Punk Mashup


2. Dear Maria/Check Yes, Juliet (All Time Low & We The Kings)


3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall (Green Day & Oasis)


4. All Star/ The Sound of Silence (Smash Mouth & Disturbed)


5. Enter Sandman/ Don’t Stop Believing (Metallica & Journey)


6. Shape of You/ Down With the Sickness (Ed Sheeran & Disturbed)


7. Nothing Else Matters/Something From Nothing (Metallica & Foo Fighters)