When you go to a concert, have you ever been surprised by the opening acts? These openers might seem to be just fillers and time killers until the main event happens, but, more often than not, they are there because they have  potential. Bigger bands take a chance, and most of the time, they are right. Here are seven bands that you could see opening some shows in the near future, but, don’t worry, pretty soon they will have their own headlining tours with shows that are sold out around the world.

1: Hot Mulligan

For starters, Hot Mulligan is a band that will always deliver good music. I have yet to hear a song by them that I did not like. The Michigan natives have been around since 2015, and released their first full length album, Pilot, in 2018. The band’s lead singer, Tades Sanville, belts out the lyrics of their songs with a perfect combination of energy and emotion. Live, these guys sound even better than on their tracks, and you can see how much love they have for their music, and their fans with the smiles on their faces while they perform. When performing live, they are always so solid and put on a great show. If you like bands such as Microwave, Boston Manor, and Knuckle Puck, give these guys a listen.

Below is their song “Deluxe Capacitor.” Give it a listen, you will not be disappointed!

2: In Her Own Words

Next, In Her Own Words has the total package—meaningful lyrics and catchy beats. These Californians have the ability to get stuck in your head and stay there all day long. After releasing their first EP Everyone I Used To Trust in 2013, they have hit the ground running. Unfamiliar, their first full length album, was released in 2016, and they have more music on the way. In December, they will be doing some holiday shows with State Champs on their Living Proof tour. The future looks nothing but bright for these guys. If you like State Champs, Seaway, or Settle Your Scores, In Her Own Words is another great band you would love to spend days listening to on repeat.

Listen to one of In Her Own Words’ songs below!

3: Savage Hands

Savage Hands is a band that is out to prove something. They want their followers to know that they may be new to the party, but by no means are they inexperienced. From Maryland, these guys know how to write good songs, and back up their lyrics with excellent instrumental skills. Their first EP Barely Alive came out this year, and they have no plans to stop there. The band’s two guitarists, Ryan Evans and Justin Hein are the biggest components to what makes their sound different, and lead vocalist Mike Garrow brings a raw, true telling of emotions that demands to be listened to. Live, these guys are amazing, and they definitely take command of the atmosphere of the venue. These guys are the real deal, and if you like Dayseeker, Awaken I Am, or Speech Patterns, you will love Savage Hands.

“RED” is their most popular song off of Barely Alive. You will not regret adding this to your playlists!


On the other hand, HARBOUR is a group that is a little different than the others on this list so far. Ryan Green, the lead vocalist sings with an amazing range, and the beats that Harrison Miller creates behind the drums are the focal points of their music. These Ohio natives released their first EP With Love in 2015, along with their self titled album. Their second record, Heatwave came out in 2017, and are continuing to work on music. Additionally, HARBOUR has created a music festival in their hometown called SunFest, where they headline and bring smaller artists along for the ride. HARBOUR produces songs that are catchy, and all sound different. You will never get sick of the sound that HARBOUR creates. These are the songs to listen to on a nice, warm summer day, with all the windows down as you drive to the beach.

HARBOUR’s song, “What Happened to Us” is the first song I ever heard by them, and it made me fall in love with their sound. Maybe it will have the same effect for you!

5: A Will Away

These guys from Connecticut know how to write songs about love. In 2015, A Will Away released their first EP Bliss which contains one of their most loved songs by their fans—“My Sitter”. A Will Away released their first full studio album in 2017 titled Here Again. They have a high energy, powerful lyrics, and fans who adore them. It is hard to not love these guys with the quality of the work they push out. Their sound resembles bands like  Head North, Hot Mulligan (who was previously mentioned) or artists like Mat Kerekes.

Here is the title track off of Here Again.

6: Heirsound

When Alexa San Roman left the her former band, called Love, Robot, she knew that she wanted her new project to be a different sound. San Roman, the former girlfriend of PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn, decided there was no better time for her to switch paths and take up a new project with her music. She teamed up with Dane Petersen, and the duo created music that is wonderful to listen to. Their voices work so well together, the songs are relaxing, and convey a ton of emotions. From love songs, to heartbreaks, to anger, these guys cover all the bases. With one EP, titled Merge and the release of smaller projects called Layers with three different parts, there is no shortage of music to listen to. If you like PVRIS, or now, now you will love the relaxing, mood setting songs of Heirsound.

Here is one of my personal favorites by them, titled “Do It Over”, off of the Merge EP.

7: Miss Fortune

Formed in 2012, the band released a debut track featuring Tyler Carter, of Issues, and the rest was history. They released their debut album A Spark To Believe In in 2014. After a brief hiatus, the Oklahoma City group released their second album, How The Story Ends in 2018, and have an acoustic EP on the way. The instruments are the focus for this band. They tell the story more than the lyrics do. Additionally, Miss Fortune has multiple tracks that have the ability to get stuck in your head and stay there for days. With a sound similar to Picturesque, Secrets, and Awaken I am, you will not regret giving Miss Fortune a try.

The Hype You Stole is a song by Miss Fortune that they released as a single ahead of their release of How The Story Ends. You will listen to this song on repeat all day long.


There you have it. Next time there is a show, pay attention to the bands whose names are written smallest on the poster. They could turn out to surprise you, and, once they make it big one day, you can say you were a fan from the start.