As a fan of rock, there are things that non-rock fans say that we hear all the time. Mostly, its the same things over and over. Its things that make you roll your eyes because you’ve heard them a million times. It could be something that you feel very passionate about, and sometimes can’t understand why people ask these things. Here are a few things we came up with, how many of these have you heard before?

6. “How can you understand what they’re saying?”

With our ears. The same way everyone else listens to music.

5. “Nothing says “I love you” like screaming in your ear”

Most people see in movies their significant other singing them a sweet, soft song, but not everyone views love that way. For some, “screaming” really does say I love you. There’s a lot of emotion in this kind of music, some just appreciate it, and vibe with it, more than others.

4. “That sounds really depressing”

Why yes, it is depressing thank you for your opinion. Depressing music, stereotypically, is the face of rock. What non-rock fans don’t understand is that, yes this may be depressing, but a lot of these “depressing” songs people relate to on a real level. Songs like this sometimes help them through rough times, so yes, it can be  depressing at times.

3. “That’s way too loud. Can you turn it down?”

No, Susan, I cannot turn it down, in fact I don’t think its loud enough. My speakers are still working? then it’s not loud enough. Rock fans love loud music, there’s not much else to say about that.

2. “Is this the same singer as the last song?”

No, no it is not. This one can start to be annoying, especially when you have that one friend that asks who the singer is for every single song. From an outside perspective one could understand how some bands sound similar, but from a fans perspective they can pin-point exactly what band they’re listening to.

1. “Do you need help?”

Music, a lot of the time, is said to be an expression of one’s self. Certain songs definitely have a sad story to them, but that sad story may tell you a lot about what someone is going through. While the song sounds sad, what some might not know is that, that sad song could actually be an escape for some people. It may be their way of coping with something going on in their life. Everyone has their ways of dealing with their problems. Music is a big outlet for this, and sometimes can be a voice for those who don’t speak up for themselves. It connects people, that doesn’t always mean someone needs help, the music may be all the help they need.