I have been contributing to All Punked Up for almost a year now, and it’s crazy to think about how much I have accomplished. For the past six of my concert-going years, I almost always went alone. Even though I never purposely intended to go alone, I also didn’t mind. When I told other people, their immediate reactions were, “Why?” and “That must sound lonely and boring.” This is what made me want to share with people why going to concerts alone isn’t a bad thing at all, and as a result, I wrote what probably is my most significant blog post that I have written in my entire life: “Why I go to concerts alone”.

This post got a fair share of attention within the pop punk online community, and ever since, my developing writing career is something I am always happy to share about with other people. To help inspire those who are interested in pursuing a writing career, here are 5 tips I would like to share before getting started.

5)  Know what you like

In order to start writing, you need to know what exactly you would want to write about and how you would want to do so. Who are your favorite bands? What are some of your favorite albums? What is the most recent concert you went to? These questions and their answers will help inspire you to write not only about something that you genuinely like, but because you already have extensive knowledge about the subject, it will make it much easier to provide details as well. I recommend starting out with writing “Top ___” listicles or personal essays about your favorite music-related experiences.

4)  Expand your horizon in sub-genres

In relation to #5 on this list, writing about your favorite bands that you are already very familiar with is probably the easiest content to create. However, it is important to have plenty of variety in the bands that you cover in order to expand to different audiences. If you only write about pop-punk bands, the only readers you will have are fans of that specific subgenre (in this case, pop-punk can be considered a subgenre of punk). Listen and gain knowledge on bands that you may have heard of but have never really given a full listen to, because in reality, you might discover a new favorite band along the way.

3)  Use your own resources

Forget the big names like Alternative Press or Kerrang! If you already contribute to a music news site, one of the best ways to market your brand is to use your own source. Share the posts that you are most proud of or think would engage readers the most to band or genre-specific Facebook groups and all of your personal social media platforms. By sharing your own content with others, you are not only helping your website gain traffic, but you are also showing that you are proud of what you write!

2)  Take every opportunity you can get

This is a tip that I recently learned and began to practice myself. If you are given the opportunity to interview a band or receive a press pass to write a concert review, take it! I will admit that originally I was very “meh” on writing about all the bands that were first proposed to me, but then I realized that although I might not be a huge fan or familiar with them, it is still giving me experience, which ultimately, is the most important ingredient in establishing a career of any kind. In addition, researching and writing about bands that you aren’t familiar with almost “forces” you to expand your horizon and knowledge within the overall genre, as mentioned earlier.

1)  Just have fun with it!

This is probably the most important tip on the entire list. If you do choose to start writing, I can’t promise that anything you write will gain a ton of attention; I can’t promise that you’ll establish a “successful” writing career. This being said, if you want to start writing, make sure you are doing it for fun and expect nothing more out of it other than pure enjoyment and self-fulfillment.