What once was the good ol’ mixtape, is now the modern day playlist. Here are 5 Spotify playlists every scenester should be following. Check them out below.

5. The Scene

The Scene playlist filled with songs varying many different genres. It’s a playlist you can put on in the car with your friends and everyone’s bound to know at least one song on it or at least be able to dance along to the up beat songs.

4. Pop Punk’s Not Dead

Pop Punk’s Not Dead is filled with modern Pop Punk hits from popular bands in the scene right now. If you’re looking to find new pop punk music put this playlist on shuffle and discover great new tracks. Spotify updates it regularly so it never gets boring.

3. Emo Forever

The title is very self-explanatory on this one. This Spotify playlist is filled with classic emo hits from bands like “The Used” and “My Chemical Romance”. Put it on shuffle and let the early 2000’s nostalgia kick in

2. Pop Punk Powerhouses

Pop Punk Powerhouses is filled with some of the biggest songs in pop punk history. The whole playlist is focused around the most know bands and songs in pop punk history like “Blink 182” and “Simple Plan”.

1. Punk Unplugged

If you’re a fan of acoustic songs you will love this playlist. Punk Unplugged is filled with original acoustic punk songs along with official acoustic versions of songs popular bands put out. it’s the perfect playlist when you’re in the mood for soft punk music.