We all love a good, sad, acoustic song now and then. These are some of my favorite acoustic songs that will make you emotional when you listen to them, but are good songs nonetheless!


5) “Clairvoyant”—The Story So Far

It’s a classic in the pop-punk scene for a reason people. We see a softer side of vocalist Parker Cannon on this track, and it is beautiful. It features emotional lyrics that are bound to make you sad, but in a good way. If you have never heard this track before it is from the band’s split with Stick To Your Guns, and you should definitely give it a listen (or several).

4) “Yellow Love”—Citizen

This one gets me every time. “Yellow Love” is a beautiful, tranquil sounding track off of their record, Everybody Is Going To Heaven. This is definitely one of those songs you have to play in the car driving at night to feel its full effect. It’s a very pleasing to the ear tune and it will have you coming back and back again.

3) “Fever Dream”—Movements

Movements definitely made many emotional on their album Feel Something. “Fever Dream” features beautiful vocals from Patrick Miranda, backed up by an acoustic guitar. It’s a depressing and raw track that will bring out those feelings.

2) “102”—The 1975

“102” is a track from the 1975 that features vocalist Matty Healy on the acoustic guitar. It is a raw and emotional song about falling for someone who doesn’t necessarily look at you the same way. You can feel the true emotions and feelings on this track and it is one that will give you chills or bring you to tears if you’ve been in a similar situation.

1) “21 Questions”—Waterparks

This acoustic track from pop-rock band Waterparks depicts having doubts about a relationship and not really knowing what to do about it. It features vocalist Awsten Knight on the acoustic guitar, and the rest of the band coming in towards the end of the track. The vocals and instrumentals are powerful and the lyrics are truly emotional. Give this one a listen, you won’t regret it.