2019, new year, new opportunities to get into new music! Here are some bands you should definitely add to your New Year’s resolution to listen to this year if you haven’t already!


4) Stand Atlantic

If you are still sleeping on this band, you are missing out! Australian pop-punk band Stand Atlantic completely blew up in 2018 with the release of their album Skinny Dipping. Stand Atlantic brings a refreshing sound in the pop punk scene as it is fronted by female vocalist Bonnie Fraser. Some of their most popular songs include “Coffee at Midnight”, “Sidewinder”, “Lavender Bones”, and “Lost My Cool”. Definitely check out this band, you won’t be disappointed!


3) Boston Manor

Boston Manor completely stepped it up with their 2018 album record, Welcome To the Neighbourhood, which was a follow up to their 2016 release, Stop Trying, Be Nothing. Boston Manor are a pop punk/rock band from England. Singer Henry Cox delivers powerful vocals, fused with haunting instrumentals and catchy choruses. Some of their biggest songs include “Laika”, “Lead Feet’, “Trapped Nerve”, “Halo” and “Bad Machine”. If you’ve never given this band a listen, give them a chance in 2019!


2) Grayscale

Although the Philly pop-punkers, Grayscale, have been growing immensely since the release of their 2017 record, Adornment, they remain quite underrated. Grayscale contains emotional vocals from front-man Collin Walsh and hard-hitting instrumentals from the rest of the band. They aren’t your run-of-the-mill pop punk band, since they incorporate more of a rock sound in their tracks. Grayscale have more intense, upbeat songs such as “Atlantic” and “Let It Rain”, but slow things down on tracks on tracks such as “Forever Yours”. Overall, they are a hidden gem in the scene and you should definitely check them out!


1) Bearings

Canadian rock band Bearings released a new album this year entitled, Blue In the Dark, which is a hidden gem. Even though this band is completely underrated as of now, they are bound to blow up soon. Their songs contain emotional and raw lyrics, backed up by head-banging instrumentals and powerful vocals. Some of their most popular songs include, “Petrichor”, “North Hansen”, “Aforementioned” and “Letters Home”. You’ll definitely want to give these guys a listen!