This week it has finally started to feel like Spring has come to the Northeast. I for one love the warmer weather, and stepping outside puts me in a better mood. With the changing of seasons brings in a full change of things like my mood, my clothes, and most importantly, my music. The following is a list of ten songs that put me in a good, warm weather mood that I have been listening to as I walk to class and embrace the nice weather.

1. “Daylily” – Movements

Movements is a band that I have known for a while now, but just recently dived into their music. These guys have a great sound, and my favorite parts of their music is when Patrick Miranda, their lead singer takes a break from singing and speaks to the listener. It doesn’t occur in every song, but it is a nice little touch from these guys.

“Daylily” is all about wanting the warm weather to return. Miranda’s vocals, combined with the calming guitar playing by Brett Chiodo, the song reminds its listener that the warm weather will be here soon, and you’ll be just fine.

2. “Get You High” – HARBOUR

As I have mentioned before, HARBOUR is a band that makes you want to roll the windows down on your car, turn them up to the full volume, and drive to the beach. When I think of them, the thought of warm weather always follows suit.

“Get You High” is one of the many songs by the Cincinnati natives that puts me in a good mood. A love song, the beat formed by the drums will get stuck in your head all day long, along with the repetitiveness of the chorus.

3. “Take Me as You Please” – The Story So Far

This song comes off of The Story So Far’s most recent album Proper Dose. An acoustic song, the album came out just as the weather was changing from summer to fall in September. Because of that, it always makes me think of the changing of seasons. The relaxed, chill vibes of the song make me want to relax and enjoy the weather as it changes.


4. “I Do Know And I’m Not Sorry” – Sleep in.

I discovered Sleep in. on a plane flying to my vacation destination in December. This song followed me everywhere I went as I enjoyed the warm weather that the island had to offer. When I think of warm weather, this song is a no brainer.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me on this track is the guitar and the drums. These New Jersey guys know how to create a very “feel good” song to keep on repeat. During the next few months.


5. “Something Wonderful” – Seaway

This song discusses settings that remind me of taking a weekend trip with some friends. Sitting by a fire, going to a lake house, all things that remind me of summer. Off of their album Vacation, it seems pretty fitting to include it in the list!


6. “Summertime Gladness” – Dance Gavin Dance

Not only does it include the word, “summertime” in the title, this is one of my favorite songs by the DGD crew. I strongly believe that Tillian Pearson and Jon Mess have the best chemistry and combination when it comes to vocals in the game. These two opposites sound great, and with Will Swan on guitar, there is no doubt that the track will do well.


7. “Revelation” – Balance and Composure

Whenever I listen to this song, all I can picture is the sun setting. The sky filling with thousands of different colors, and then the sun falling out of view. The vocals are taken on by Jon Simmons and Andy Slaymaker, and the duo do not disappoint. Off of their EP Slow Heart, this song is one that will get you ready for the warm air.


8. “The Turnaround” – With Confidence

This trio from down under have yet to disappoint me. All of their songs fill me with energy that puts me in a great mood, and “The Turnaround” is no exception. Off of their album Love and Loathing, This song carries a lot of energy and good vibes, to remind its listener that everything will all work out.


9. “Aforementioned” – Bearings

from their debut album Blue in the Dark, this is one of the many great tracks off of the record. “Aforementioned” has all of the components of a song to make you want to take a walk outside. Lyrics to get stuck in your head, solid drum beats, and great chemistry between guitars and bass. This is one song that always comes on while I walk to class with the changing weather.


10. “Million Bucks” – Smallpools

In my opinion, this is the number one song on the list that makes me think of the summer. The upbeat, happy tempo of the electronic parts, and the lyrics encouraging the listener to live carefree. It puts a smile on my face after listening to the first couple words, and make the previous cold weather seem so distant for only a few minutes.



There you have it! ten songs that put me into a good mood and remind me of the warm weather ahead. Hopefully after listening to some of them, you’ll feel the same way! I would love to know what songs you listen to that transport you to warm weather, please let me know!