Its very common for artists/bands to cover songs, and put their own twist on them. Sometimes its as simple as just rerecording a song that was previously sung by a different artist, or its the band/artist adding their own musical flair. Here are a few of our favorite covers:

10. “Stacy’s Mom”- Bowling for Soup

While this is one of Bowling for Soup’s most popular songs, Stacy’s Mom is not their song. This song is originally by Fountains of Wayne. The songs, when compared, don’t have a very drastic change in sound. The only noticeable difference is the cover has a little more of a bouncier feel to it, Bowling For Soup style.

9. “Simple Man”- Shinedown

This peaceful cover was released in 2003 by Shinedown and continues to be a cover they perform to this day. The song was originally reformed by Lynard Skynard and released in 1973.

8. “Knockin’ on Heavens Door”- Guns N’ Roses

For most, they hear the name of this song and think of the power ballad released in 1990. Axel Rose adds his signature vocals to this Bob Dylan song, leaving listeners with a noticeably different approach to the song. The original song has a much softer sound as compared to the cover.

7. “Little Lion Man”- Tonight Alive

Released on a Punk Goes Pop album, Tonight Alive adds their own sound to the once acoustic song performed by Mumford and Sons. The band adds a heavier sound and some new harmonies not found in the original.

6. “The Man Who Sold the World”- Nirvana

Nirvana takes a much slower, acoustic approach to this once futuristic sounding song. The original song, by David Bowie, has elements to it that allow the listener to always be wondering what will happen next. When nirvana released the cover, it was performed for MTV Unplugged. The band stripped down the song, making it very pure and simple sounding.

5. “Africa”- Weezer

After a long-awaited release, Weezer finally released their own cover of Africa by Toto. The song has that signature Weezer sound while still staying true to the original. There’s not much more to say, Weezer, Africa, what more could one ask for?

4. “Rebel Yell”- Black Veil Brides

Originally performed by British artist Billy Idol, Black Veil Brides took an already iconic song and added their own heavy metal flair. This song was released in 2011 off of their  Rebels EP.

3. “Since You Been Gone”- A Day To Remember 

We all remember blasting Kelly Clarkson, and singing at the top of our lungs. A Day To Remember added their own pop punk twist to the 2000s hit. This song is everyones inner 2000s kid turned punk.

2. “Bohemian Rhapsody”- Panic! At The Disco 

While still staying true to the mastermind that is Freddy Mercury, Brendan Urie and the rest of PATD perform an amazing cover of this 1970s-rock opera. Throughout the song, Urie’s powerful vocals carry the song with the perfect blend of harmony in the background.

1. “Sound of Silence”- Disturbed

In 2015, Disturbed released a dark, powerful cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”.  Grossing over 200 million stream, this makes “The Sound of Silence” the bands most listened to song.