It’s never easy to hear that your favorite band has broken up. Knowing that there will be no new music and no more concerts to go to can be difficult to take. And there is never going to be a band that replaces the special place they held in your heart. But, just because a band breaks up or goes on an indefinite hiatus, does not mean we should stop appreciating the art they gave the world in the past.

Here are 10 bands that are broken up whose music we should all listen to:

10. My Chemical Romance

Kicking it off with a classic, My Chemical Romance broke hearts in 2013 when they announced the band’s breakup. And to remind us that even broken up they can still pull at our hearts, the band posted something mysterious that fans believed to be a reunion, but ended up being a rerelease of The Black Parade. So put on some thick black eyeliner and get ready to relive the days of teen angst.

9. Go Radio

Go Radio was formed in the heat of Florida in 2007 by former Mayday Parade member, Jason Lancaster. With songs about growing, love, and heartbreak, Go Radio was there for you through it all. “Goodnight Moon” brought up childhood nostalgia, while “I Won’t Lie” emoted pain and regret. The band broke-up in 2013 because Go Radio “had run its course as a band,” according to Lancaster.

8. The Summer Set

Announcing their hiatus in late 2017, The Summer Set parted ways. They brought fast-paced, fun music to the world for 10 years. I have self-proclaimed “Boomerang” as the song of the summer in 2013. Listening to The Summer Set always brought a smile to my face, and still does.

7. Hey Monday

Cassadee Pope before she was country? Say no more. Hey Monday was there for you when you were falling with love with “Run, Don’t Walk” and then helped pick up the pieces of a breakup with “Candles”. Even though they only have one album and a handful of EPs, Hey Monday made an impact on the scene. Though technically they are only on hiatus, the last time they released music was 2011 and their Twitter hasn’t been used since 2015.

6. Modern Baseball

A hiatus was announced in 2017 for reasons related to mental health. I was sad to see them go, as they were such a good influence for up and coming bands in the scene. They were very critical of misogyny in songs and in the business side of the industry. They also really knew how to make you feel as though you were not alone in what you were going through. There was a unity to the sadness that will be missed. As an unknown, wise person once said, “hiatus is just emo for break up.”

5. A Rocket to the Moon

A Rocket to the Moon could always make you smile. They made it so easy to love them with hits like “Dakota” and ‘Baby Blue Eyes”. After breaking up in 2013, all the members went off to do different things: Nick Santino did solo work; Andrew Cook and Justin Richards went on to join country duo, Dan+Shay; and Eric Halvorsen joined Cobra Starship (who is an honorable mention on this list). They did reunite at The Maine’s first 8123 Fest in 2017.

4. Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack gave us 19 years of music. They eventually broke up due to the strain that touring put on their lives, but they made sure to end with a bang. Going out on a farewell tour that ended with a 30+ song set at the sold out The Metro in Chicago. However, just because they are gone does not mean they are forgotten. This year’s Spotify Rewind showed me that “Everything Is Alright” was my most played song of the year.

3. The Cab

The Cab may not be actually broken up, but they haven’t released any music since their second album, Symphony Solider, in 2011. DeLeon, the lead singer, said that there could be a potential return for The Cab, but in the meantime I will revert to my 13 year-old self scream singing along to “Temporary Bliss” as if I had any way to even remotely relate to the heartbreak and addiction to a person who is bad for you.

2. Yellowcard

Everyone knows the classic, “Ocean Avenue.” They back up the jam with plenty of other great pieces in their vast discography like “Only One.” Yellowcard’s lineup included the insanely talented Sean Mackin, who managed to play the violin while jumping all around the stage. With 20 years and 10 albums to choose from, you’ll have no trouble getting lost with Yellowcard.

1. Boys Like Girls

Technically, Boys Like Girls are still together, they just are not actively releasing music. Their last activity was the release of their third album, Crazy World, in 2012 and in 2016 a tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album. With no hint of new music on the horizon, I guess we will have to be content with listening to “The Great Escape” in peace.