Bands big and small alike are looking forward to dropping new music this new year. Some of the information has been confirmed, and others are based off of clues that have been dropped by the artists themselves. Some of the names on this list have had fans waiting for years on new stuff. Others, are releasing albums for the first time. Here are ten albums and artists to look out for in 2019, because it is looking to be a big year of growth for new and well-established artists all around. PLEASE NOTE: This list in not in any specific order.

10. Memrin

Kicking off our list is a band titled Memrin, a small group that is looking to make a name for itself in 2019 with their debut album. The title has yet to be announced but, on their most recent Instagram post, they said that their first album is due to drop in early 2019. Heavily influenced by bands like Metallica, their EP Infamous dropped in 2017, and have released some singles in 2018. 2019 looks to be a big year for Memrin. Be sure to be on the lookout.

9. Plans

Next up is Plans. 2019 will be a make or break moment for this band from Indianapolis. Looking to prove themselves, the record they are teasing was expected to drop in the summer of 2018 but got pushed back. There is no better time for these guys to release their project than in 2019. These guys are young but have been making music since 2016. Opening for bands such as Basement, Head North, and Have Mercy. Plans has a great sound but are still trying to figure out what it exactly is. Hopefully, this album will carry the quality of their earlier projects and help them to discover themselves.

8. Badflower

Expected to drop on February 22nd, 2019, Ok, I’m Sick will be Badflower’s debut album. They have already released two singles ahead of the record, titled “Heroin” and “x ANA x”. These California natives dropped their first EP in 2016, and have been releasing songs here and there, but now is the perfect time for an album release. The two singles they have released so far that will be on Ok, I’m Sick sound great, especially the guitars. Look out for these guys, they are the real deal.

7. La Dispute

On the horizon of releasing their sixth album Panorama, La Dispute is continuing to do what sets them apart from the rest of the groups they are categorized with. Vocalist Jordan Dreyer is not necessarily a singer, but rather, a story teller. Each song by La Dispute tells a great story with the lyrics and emphasizes the emotions they want the listener to feel with the music. They are experienced, know their sound, and know what their audience likes to hear. Panorama has a release date of March 22nd of 2019, and I know I will listen to this record once it drops.

6. Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon has been laying low since the release of That’s The Spirit in 2015. Ollie Sykes and the rest of the crew brought it all back with “MANTRA” as well as “wonderful life” which features Dani Filth, the two singles they released in 2018. Both songs have the iconic sound of BMTH, and hopefully will both be featured on amoAmo is set to release on January 25th of the new year, and this is one album you will not want to miss.

5. Weezer

Titled The Black Album, Weezer’s newest project is set to release on March 1st, 2019. This is their twentieth studio album for these guys. Weezer has been around so long and know their sound so well, I think that this album will deliver on every front that fans are looking for. It might sound a little different due to their sound having minor changes the past few years, but it will still be a good album to look out for if you are Weezer fan. They have released two songs ahead of The Black Album, and they are “Zombie Bastards” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle”. The melodies of these two songs will be stuck in your head all day, and if they are any indication of what to expect from this record, it’ll be something that you will be listening to repeat all day long.

4. American Football

These Illinois natives are set to release their third full length studio album on March 22nd . Titled American Football (LP3), they have already released a single titled “Silhouettes”. They make music that is so great to listen to and relax with. The combination of chill beats and quality lyrics makes American Football unique. You will not be upset with what the bring to the table with this album.

3. Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday’s album Twenty is set to drop on January 11th of the new year. and is designed to commemorate the band’s twenty years of being in the scene. According to their website, there will be twenty-one songs, plus four song picked by each member of the band. The album will include some classics such as “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)”, “MakeDamnSure” and “A Decade Under The Influence”. Taking Back Sunday has also released a single, titled, “All Ready To Go” and I think this is a good move by them. Instead of releasing a “Greatest Hits” kind of album, they are mixing in their old songs with new ones, and I think that increases the appeal of listening to this record. Old and new fans of Taking Back Sunday will appreciate Twenty, so, be sure to give it a listen once it gets released.

2. The Maine

Currently in the process of recording their newest album, titled 7, this album by The Maine is expected to bring the same energy and consistency of the records before it. No singles or a release date have been dropped but, in early December they said that the album is done. Whenever it does get released, be sure to be on the hunt, I do not think that 7 will disappoint.

1. Set It Off

Set It Off fans have been waiting for an eternity for a new record, and now, it is finally on its way. Midnight is set to release on February 1st, 2019. They have already done so much to promote this record, and I believe that this one will deliver on all fronts. Set It Off fans are in for a treat when this album drops. “Killer In The Mirror”, “For You Forever”, “Dancing With The Devil”, and “Lonely Dance” are all singles that have been released so far and are a glimpse into the sound the album will bring. High energy, fast singing from Cody Carson, and songs that tell a story–  all characteristics of a great Set It Off song. This record might be one of the most anticipated on this list, be sure to listen to it when it comes out in February.

There you have it. None of these albums seem like they will disappoint. Big and small bands will be pushing out a lot of music in 2019 and that is so exciting because we, the fans, will get to listen to so much material. Some of the musicians that have not been mentioned will also bring a lot to the table with what they produce, and so will the bands that have not even said anything about an album release yet. 2019 will not disappoint on the music scene front.